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Sean laughs as he reads the screen.

He knows what people wish when it comes to him, he's heard it often enough from his fans, sometimes in a disappointed tone, sometimes in an aggressive tone, as if he was somehow to blame for the fact. So he knows what to write, he knows it very well..

Most people wish that I would stay alive in me movies, or at least that I get killed only at the end...

Let's face it.. He doesn't have a good survival ratio in his movies..
He's played some glorious, troubled characters and he wouldn't trade any of them for one of the good guys, but they had a way to get themselves killed long before the end of a movie.

It made for a shorter time on the set, it made for less money and a quicker moving on to the next movie, it made for more frequent breaks at home and with his family, but it didn't make his fans happy. Sentimental? Yes. Protective? Yes. Happy? No.

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