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Bless these folks, Sean thinks after he logs on and sees the new question pop up on his computer screen.

Not that he really needs other people to give him ideas where Viggo is concerned, but it never hurts to get fresh suggestions that give him ideas about things to do to make his creative, busy lover happy and make him take a break. And he's pretty sure there's something about the light in Venice, that feel of floating around in a sea of water and air and light, that will entrance Viggo.

Yes, he's willing to bet Viggo would love a break in Venice. He's bound to have been there more than once already, but Sean is a firm believer in the concept that places changes depending on your mood when you visit them and depending on the person you're visiting them with.

His fingers are faster than his own mind and they're already surfing for likely places to stay. No. Make that extremely romantic places to stay. Romance-overload places to stay. It takes only a few minutes to jump from option to option and make a choice. It is so simple to make a choice once one finds the absolutely perfect choice, he thinks with a chuckle as he reaches for his wallet to enter the details of his credit card to finalize the reservation.

Hotel Cipriani.. on the corner of an island with a wonderful sight of Venice and the laguna.. the Palladio Suite, a glass capsule suspended mid-air above the lagoon.. secluded private wooden terrace shaded by jasmine bushes and an outdoor heated jacuzzi..

Like a mindless automaton, Sean clicks on the Book now icon and proceeds through each step of the reservation. It will mean facing an overseas flight but somehow he's not feeling the usual twinge of anxiety about that. Viggo will be with him, Viggo will distract him..

He's smiling when he logs off and goes in search of Viggo, a foolish smile, most likely, but one he cannot hold back.
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