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Sean has always been a morning person, but it's more than his usual habit that has him up at first light this morning and, after all, it's not as if he was sleeping, was he? Tossing around in the bed while one's mind runs obsessively through the same thought certainly cannot be defined as sleeping.

He has no idea what would be worse..
Maybe he wouldn't feel twisted up in knots the way he's feeling now if he dropped out of bed late, with just enough time for a quick shower before the production car picked him up to take him to the set.
If he were a late riser, he wouldn't be sitting in the garden this early, with a mug of tea cooling in his hand, looking at the sky change colour and thinking of what this day held in store for him.

But getting up early has always been a habit of his, and there's something peaceful in the quietness of this dawn, something that is giving him strength, the kind of strength he will need today, the strength to look up into blue eyes of a man he desperately loves and whisper those words that have been haunting him all night long, the words he will say with Boromir's dying breath.

I would have followed you, my brother, my captain, my king
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