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I have a confession to make. Promise you won't get mad, please? I remember how you went a bit berserk at the time, but since it's something that happened quite a bit ago and you're not so lost in character now I'm hoping I can come out and admit it was me who did it.

Remember that time on the Rings set when you, I mean Aragorn, drew his mighty sword out of its scabbard to fight the evil orcs and found it sheathed in a condom?
Well, I have to confess that I'm the one who did that. It seemed a funny thing to do at the time and I really had no idea that by then you were so deep in character that you would take it as such an offense and get so mad.

I know I should have said straight away that it was me who'd done it, especially when you started hunting the hobbits with the sword thinking it had been one of them who played that prank on you when the poor buggers had no clue, but when I saw how seriously you't taken it I didn't have the courage to.. I felt like an idiot and at the time looking like an idiot to you was the last thing in the world I wanted...

Forgive me? Please?

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