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Clever... Sean thinks, a grudging smile of appreciation curling his lips as he reads the question.

He's willing to bet that everyone will start thinking straight away of their dream house, but there's a subtle difference between a home and a house, and it's one that Sean himself has learned to know and appreciate only in recent times.

He remembers saying once to an interviewer that he enjoyed living in hotels, loved the impersonality of it, the neatness of a room that day after day was tidied following a set standard, with no initiative for putting something in a different place or moving an armchair away from its allotted place. His Hampstead house had been a bit like that too, with a housekeeper coming in every day to keep it clean and tidy following a specific routine he himself had set up.

That's all changed now, because now he lives in a home, and it is the home where he has always dreamed of living, only he couldn't admit it before, because he believed it to be something he would never, could never have.

He raises his head from the laptop screen and gazes around. So what makes it different?

Life, a shared life... he thinks as his eyes scan the room taking in a myriad of little details. A book, lying open and face-down by the sofa where the reader put it when interrupted by the attack of a playful lover. A thick rug, pulled away from its allotted place to be dragged under the window so that they could make love in the sunshine. The tuneless humming coming from the kitchen along with the scent of tomatoes cooking with the herbs from the herb garden Sean himself has planted outside the kitchen window.

Home.. Life..

Sean nods to himself and shuts the laptop. Time to stop fiddling with the computer and go enjoy his life and his home.
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