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The Oxford Dictionary defines comfort as, I quote, "a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint". I define it as a state of wellbeing and there's a myriad things that can make me achieve that, some of them serious and some of them rather silly.

I'll give you a silly one and a serious one.

For example, I am pretty sure this will make you laugh, but Cup-a-Soup means comfort to me, especially tomato Cup-a-Soup and especially if I'm away from home. It is good to know that you pour water on that reddish looking powder and know exactly what it will taste like, wherever you are. No surprises, I like that.

But there's a different level of comfort, one that is far more important and that makes everything else become insignificant. It has to do with sharing your life with the right person, the One as they say in romance and song. When you have that everything becomes a source of comfort, from reaching out with a foot while you're lying in bed at night and knowing that you won't find just cold, empty sheets but the warm body of your lover sharing your bed, to meeting his eyes across the breakfast table and see them light up because you're there.
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