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Idaho currently. But Idaho's a big state, so we might want to narrow that down a bit. There's a ranch in Idaho, it's in an amazing place, the sky seems to be bigger there, the clouds closer and in the evening the mountains turn this amazing blue colour. All of that can be quite breathtaking for a Sheffield guy like me..

But if you thing that a ranch is still too big a place, I can narrow it down for you a bit more. This ranch I'm talking of belongs to an artist and he has a studio in there, one of those large rooms with big big windows and lots of light. There's paintings and stuff in that room, but there's also an old blue sofa, the kind of sofa that used to be in the living room but now is too worn for that but still serviceable enough to do in the studio.

I like stretching out on that sofa, my head on one armrest and my heels digging into the other, and watch him work. I could do that for hours and never tire of doing it, you know. He gets this look on his face that tells me he's not really there, in the same room with me, but I just keep watching and wherever it is that he goes, I go there with him, just by watching him.

And when he comes back, when he's put whatever it is that he's found on the canvas. then he turns and looks at me and I hold out my arms and bring him back.
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