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I am monogamous.

I know that many of you will smirk skeptically when they read this, but don't let my track record deceive you. I may have been married three times but I'm not the kind of man that takes a relationship lightly. The number of times I've been married should in itself bear witness to that. I wouldn't have married them if I didn't believe it would last forever, would I?

Having said that, I guess that it is somewhat ironic that now that I truly am in a relationship that I know will last forever I am not married. I think about it sometimes.. he's daft enough to say 'yes', but truth is that I don't need it, don't need the wedding band on my finger and the piece of paper saying that we belong to each other.. I know that already, I know it where it matters most, inside me, and I know he knows too.

Date: 2006-09-12 03:51 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] just-viggo.livejournal.com
Too right I know it, Bean. And no, I don't need a ring of metal to know what we've got is forever. Love you... Now kiss me - okay?

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