Nov. 26th, 2006


Nov. 26th, 2006 10:40 am
justsean: (Sean smile by Wizzicons)
The silence in the living room is companionable, the kind of silence that people who live together and often have no need for words share.

Sean is on the couch, legs propped up and supporting the newspaper. He's working on the daily crossword puzzle, muttering now and then and chewing the top of a pencil, an occasional triumphant 'hah!' escaping him when he works out a particularly tricky puzzle. He frowns as he reads the next line, then grins.

"Hey, Vig, listen to this one... 8 horizontal.. comes between darkness and light... seven letters.. reckon that's Aragorn, isn't it? I mean, what else can it be? But there must be something wrong because it doesn't fit with what I already have in as 4 across.."

Viggo looks up, bemused, then rises from his sprawled position on the living room rug and goes to sit on the couch by Sean's side, settling his chin on Sean's shoulder and peering at the newspaper page.

"I'm very flattered, Bean, but I do think that the word you want there is sunrise and not Aragorn. The ranger appreciates it, though..."

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