Jan. 27th, 2007


Jan. 27th, 2007 04:31 pm
justsean: (Sean by Wizzicons)
Sean pushes away from his sweat-damp forehead a lock of hair with a dirty hand and looks around the kitchen.

He's hoping that Viggo won't mind if he's moved things around a bit in here.. Viggo doesn't really mind where things are just as long as they are there somewhere, while Sean has a tidiness problem and needs things to be in a specifically allotted place. Anal, yes, and jokes have been made about it in this same kitchen, followed by hot sex on the now pristine and uncluttered surface of the kitchen table.


The loud crashing noise and the shrill cry of pain coming from the kitchen have Sean running damp and half-naked from the bathroom.

He finds Viggo bent in double against the kitchen, his face gaunt with pain and his hand pressed to his forehead. A steel cheese grater is on the floor, that same cheese grater that Sean banished to the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet earlier today because he hates cheese. Damn, now, in hindsight and knowing that the damn thing fell on Viggo's head, he knows that be the damn thing was balancing up there rather precariously because he simply pushed it up on the top shelf with the tips of his fingers and didn't bother with dragging a chair over to store it properly.

Well, there's no crying over fallen cheese graters, he can only pull Viggo into his arms and make soft soothing noises.

"Tell me, love, where does it hurt?"

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