Apr. 10th, 2007

justsean: (Seanshades)
Dear Viggo,

Can I call you Viggo? Hope you don't mind, but you don't seem to me the kind of guy who's big on formalities.

My name is Sean, Sean Bean, and I've watched near about every movie you've made. Hey, I suppose one could say that I'm a fan of yours, quite a big one at that. Which may seem sort of funny, cause, you see, I'm an actor meself and usually actors don't say that of other actors. Well, they do but they don't mean it, they just do it for show and sweet-talk. Me, I do mean it.

Don't know if you know, but we'll be working together on that Lord of The Rings project. Daunting, isn't it? I'm Boromir, your twistedl Steward. Looks like we'll be spending a lot of time down in New Zealand, hope you don't mind if I look out for you as soon as you get here. Thought maybe we could get together and share a pint, sort get to know each other..

Well, enough of prattling. You'll be here soon and there's lots of things that turn out better said face to face than written down on a screen.

See you soon, mate.


There, sounds just about right. Nice, but not too gushing. Friendly, but not pushy. And I managed to keep from saying that I'm looking forward to meeting him because I've had the hots for him ever since seeing him doing that Master Chief Urgayle. We'll let him discover that for himself, won't we?

Sean grins and taps the Enter key sending off the email to the very private email address he got from the director's personal assistant.

Soon, he thinks and grins at the screen.

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