Apr. 22nd, 2006

justsean: (SeanOne)
I have never given much consideration to how others see me. Why do it? I mean, let's imagine that ther is something they don't like in me. What am I supposed to do, change? Then I wouldn't be myself anymore but the person they think I should be..

Well, since I have to respond to this anyway, I can tell you that my ex-wives perceived me as lazy and distracted. Self-absorbed was the term I believe one of them used, though what she really meant was that she hated my spending time watching football games and going to the pub with my friends, time that she believed would be better spent worshipping her.

To my girls I'm just dad, and what's there to perceive in a dad? I'm the one who hugs them and loves them, and tells them that they're wearing too much make-up or that they should buy t-shirts long enough to cover their bellies.

To Viggo I'm Sean, and I think that that is really the only thing that matters.

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